Game Time

1-Hour Game Pass Card  $8.50/card

1-Hour    $10/hour

3-Hours   $8.50/hour

5 Hours   $8/hour

10 Hours   $7.50/hour

15+ Hours   $6.50/hour

All-Day pass (SUN-THURS)   $25

All-Day pASS (fri-sat)   $50

ALL-Month Pass (30-days)   $200

ALL-Summer pass (June-august)   $300

Game Pass Cards - Use it and lose get exactly one hour and cannot save unused time.

Hour-Time - Can be used and saved for later on another day or time for unused time.  There is no time limit of stockpile saved time.


Card Tournaments - May include any table top card game.  $5 buy-in (includes pack)

Video Game Tournaments - Fridays & Saturdays; may include any video game we have in stock).  $5 buy-in (includes free drink & soda of your choice excluding energy drinks)

Commander Night - Tuesdays.  Buy in is optional.  Each buy in gets a pack at the end of the event as well as an entry into a drawing for more packs on the first relevant day of the month.  $5 buy-in (includes pack)

Pauper Magic League - Wednesdays at 6pm.  $5 buy-in (includes pack)

Modern Magic League - Fridays at 6pm.   $10 buy-in (includes pack)

Date Nights - 5th, 15th and 25th of each month; includes free drink & snack, & 2-hour game time.  $20 per person or $30 per couple

Late Nights - 1st Friday each month from 10pm-2am; includes mini-tournaments throughout the night for possible prizes; game time during the event; pizza will be included with one drink/person.  $20 per person

Special Events - this will be posted in the store location's webpage & on social media platforms.

Tournament Prizes - All tournaments will be based on a pool prize at the end of the event.  We will also be doing Points Rewards (where you gain points in each tournament, and get prizes as the more you play).  Ask a customer service associate for more details.

Commander Night Prizes - Each buy-in, customer will get a ticket.  First relevant day of the next month, will draw for prizes based on how many participants (more participants, more prizes).

Modern Magic League & Pauper Magic League Prizes - Points based on overall previous month, winners will get prizes on the first relevant day of the next month.  Prizes will be based on participation throughout the month.



Single Table  $10/day

(Includes board games & outside food & drink)



4 seats / 1 table   $150

8 seats / 2 tables   $250

12 seats / 3 tables   $350

$25/EXTRA seat

Stand-by quests (parents, grandparents, etc... are not charged - unless they are participating in the game time or play-in tournament).

Party includes:

2-hour game time (and can be organized into Tournament Play for party attendees if desired)

Includes up to 1/2 of time to eat & do other party activities

Pizzas (2 Pizzas/Table)

Drinks (1 drink per person from the store [excluding energy drinks] or 2 liter drink per table)

Ice Cream (your choice of flavor)


Single (one person)         $25/month

Dual (two people)             $40/month

Family (up to 5 people)   $75/month

This is for whole month.  20th & later in the month, will be 25% off.


Free Time

Sundays 6pm-8pm

Mondays 3pm-5pm

Tuesdays 3pm-5pm

Wednesdays 3pm-5pm

Thursdays 3pm-5pm



P.O. Box #3491, Moscow, ID 83843